29 Dec 2017

Feng shui christmas


Chinese ancestral art, based on Chi, which means finding the best environmental conditions to enhance well-being and harmony at home.
Feng: wind
Shui: water


Christmas and Feng Shui have similar symbolism in many aspects. For example, candles as well as the colours gold and red are popular during this celebration and, in both cultures, represent abundance, vitality, joy and good fortune for a new cycle.  In this article we will give you some ideas on how to apply this philosophy to your homes and Christmas parties.  We hope to help you start 2018 full of purpose, creativity and positive energy.


Cuisine: place of sustenance, prosperity, vitality and creativity.

Elements: Water and Fire

For the holidays: important room since it represents the meeting for which Feng Shui advises us to install a support table.  In this way, the guests can stay with the hosts while they cook.

Distribution: Separate the elements of fire (stoves, ovens, micro wave) and water elements (sink, dishwasher).   It is not possible to put separating elements between them such as plants, a vase or a wooden cutting board.

Colours: light or pastel colors, but warm.

Deco / Design: relating to food, nature, animals

Epilogue: the kitchen should be a place where we like to be, create and share with others so undoubtedly a place to take care of during the holiday season.


Living-dining room: meeting place, dialogue and socialization.

Element: Earth and Wood

For parties: the living room is the continuation of the kitchen, a place for leisure and social relations. Create a cozy, warm and comfortable atmosphere to invite family and friends to feel at ease, talk and enjoy.

Colours: you can use any type of colours, however you should avoid completely white or black walls.

Deco / Design: use pictures, photos, books and memories which create harmony together. The furniture must be more comfortable than beautiful.

Epilogue: the key word for a good dining room is "comfort". You can use colours, lighting or different styles to mark out the two different spaces.


Bedroom: place of intimacy, rest, disconnection and meditation.

For the holidays: create a space for rest and recuperation where you can relax between celebrations, lunches, dinners and Christmas parties.

Distribution: avoid televisions, computers, exercise bikes as well as papers, books or work notes to facilitate sleep. You can place mirrors but not pointed towards the bed, in good condition and without breakage.

The placement of a headboard provides stability. The best place for the bed is in the centre of the room, never under the window or in front of the door as this does not favour recovery.

Colours: do not use too cold or stimulating colors, soft colors like salmon, rose, vanilla, lemon ...

Design: large bed centered in the room, two tables on each side with warm lights to provide stability and warmth, although they may be different designs. If possible, use different sources of light for each activity: relaxation, intimacy, reading, meditation.

Epilogue: The important thing is to recreate harmony in your bedroom to facilitate sleep, recovery and spirituality. A place to disconnect.


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