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13 Nov 2017

The "Golden Visa" program in Spain

The "Golden Visa" allows a non-EU citizen, to obtain a residence and work permit by fulfilling some investment.. Read More
28 Oct 2017

Why invest in real estate in Mallorca

To begin, let's talk about why experts advise investing in real estate over other investment alternatives. Read More
14 Oct 2017

Why invest in villas with a tourist license in Mallorca?

The tourist rental market in Mallorca is booming. Growing demand has made this a very attractive option. Read More
14 Sep 2017

Market research conclusion: Housing in the old town of Palma

Mallorca is now one of the safest places to invest in Europe. Global political instability has benefitted the island and low interest rates favour real estate investment. Read More
06 Sep 2017

Palma de Mallorca: 8 reasons to live here

Palma is the cosmopolitan city where you will want to live. At Equus Mallorca we want to show you 8 reasons as to why you’ll want to acquire your house as soon as possible. Read More
22 Aug 2017

Palmas council approve a moratorium in the construction of hotels

The council has approved this month in July a moratorium for new establishments due to the noticeable increase of registered requests. Read More

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