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We have a multidisciplinary and multilingual team with the capacity to take on the comprehensive management of assets, from advice on the purchase, analysis and selection of portfolios, management of the value of the properties, to the final sale through the most appropriate marketing process for each type of asset.

Our main objective is to enhance the value of our clients' real estate portfolios through personalised attention, adapting to their needs, adapting to the current market situation and proposing innovative proposals in the development of each client's strategy.

Our structure allows us to develop an integrated service, with responsibility, control and unique interlocution and, with reach to the foreign market.

Our services

Identification of investment opportunities

Comprehensive management of real estate asset investments for large estates and institutional investors.

Search and selection of investment opportunities in real estate assets while adjusting profitability to the risk profile and strategy of our clients.

Real estate asset analysis: physical condition, economic environment, market trends and similar transactions.

Elaboration of market studies and Business Plan profitability of the asset.

Real Estate & financial consulting

Advice on investment and divestment strategies.

Development of market studies on the progession of the main real estate variables.

Comprehensive advice and individualized reports on the required technical, urban, legal and commercial aspects.

Appraisal of assets for whatever purpose (mortgage, litigation, purchase or sale).  Technical Due-Diligence and / or real estate planning.

 Feasibility studies of new investments and the corresponding development of financial - real estate plans.


Due-diligence: absence of charges and fees, real ownership, planning situation, solvency etc.

Management and intermediation in the negotiation process between the parties involved in the transaction (buyer, investor, owner).

Advice during the transaction in resolving of legal questions, real estate and / or financial issues.

Closure of operations: assistance in signing private contracts, subrogation of contracts, mortgages and public registration. Follow-up and constant support in these processes until closing the operation.

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